Is your motivation to learn English, French or Spanish strong enough?
This is your application form for the Bliu Bliu 30 day language Challenge.
Based on these responses we will choose 5 language learners for each language who will be added to a respective language course that lasts for 30 days.

In case you are selected by completing and submitting this form you:

- Commit to participate in 30 day language Challenge of your choice and actively engage with tasks and activities.
- Agree to produce the following material:
- a short written introduction of yourself and why you want to learn a language of your choice.
- 3x videos of you speaking your target language: 1 video before the course starts, 1 video in the middle of the course and 1 video at the end of the course.
- 1x GENUINE feedback video at the end.
- Allow us to use the above material for our marketing purposes.
- Agree to share your experience during the 30 day Challenge with your friends and on any language learning groups that you are part of.

Now that the serious bit is over, lets learn some languages!

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Here is a video showing you what the Challenge is all about
Which language do you want o learn?
What is your current language level?
Why do you want to learn this language?
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Are you committed to follow our instructions and actively participate during the 30 day course?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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