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2018 VAN Northwest Annual Conference - Friday, June 29, 2018
The theme for the VAN Annual 2018 Conference is “Claim Your Voice: Breaking Barriers in Volunteer Leadership”.

About the theme: Volunteer Administrators from around the region will meet to explore current industry standards and exciting innovations in the world of volunteer management.

Location: Bellevue Presbyterian Church, 1717 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

The primary objective of the conference is to support and promote a powerful community of volunteer administration professionals, support professional development and enhance the vitality of the sector.
Volunteer Program Management professionals and their colleagues who work with volunteers
PRESENTER GOALS (must align with the following):
􀂃 Support the professional development of volunteer administration professionals.
􀂃 Align your workshop with this year’s theme.
􀂃 Offer a topic of value to conference participants.
􀂃 Use best practices of Adult Learning: interactive, relevant, and applicable.
􀂃 Engage workshop participants in peer to peer learning.
We will consider presentations that provide the following:
􀂃 An appealing and relevant workshop title, description and content.
􀂃 Workshop content for a 75 minute presentation.
􀂃 Practical and relevant information.
􀂃 Evidence of knowledge and skill in the subject area.
Proposals must include all of the required documents:
􀂉 Completed Application
􀂉 Brief Speaker Bio (Required for all presenters)
􀂉 Workshop Description & Content (description should be a max. of three lines)
o Proposal Deadline April 27, 2018
o Request for AV & Other Equipment May 25, 2018
o 2018 Conference June 29, 2018
Complete your workshop proposal and submit this form. Questions? Email

No honorarium provided, but speakers may attend the entire conference, and receive lunch, breakfast and parking at no charge.
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---Additional Questions---
Please include answers to the following questions in your proposal:
How does your presentation fit our theme? How will this help us increase numbers, value and impact of volunteers in our organization and community? *
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What will the audience walk away with (new tool, tip, confidence, etc), as a result of participating in this session? *
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What is your presentation format? (i.e. discussion, scenarios, lecture, panel, etc)? *
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