End of Life Issues
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1) The home health (HH) hospice nurse is making rounds. Which client should the nurse assess first? *
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2) A client diagnosed with cancer and receiving chemotherapy is brought to the emergency department after vomiting bright red blood. Which intervention should the nurse implement first? *
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3) The nurse is called to the room of a male client diagnosed with lung cancer by the client’s wife because the client is not breathing. The client has discussed being a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) but has not made a decision. Which interventions should the nurse implement first? *
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4) The nurse is preparing to perform a dressing change on a female client who has end-stage renal disease and notes the client’s husband silently holding the client’s hand and praying. Which action should the nurse implement first? *
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5) The nurse is administering medications on a medical unit. Which medication should the nurse question administering? *
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