jamba semba kizomba bootcamp

Schedule and price below :
JAMBA JAMBA - worlds favorite semba teacher from angola
Afrolatin hurricane
Liza Sjöstedt - #7 at Africa dancer this year in Lisbon
details https://www.facebook.com/events/130274687165378/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_joined

Jamba began his artistic career in Elumbu, a small community theater group from Luanda, where he also worked as a Human Right activist.

He moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 2001 to continue his studies in Experimental Media.
He started dancing and teaching in 2002 and since then has worked with different dance groups like Ba To Cu, African Ballet Company and Tradicion Dance Group, where he works at the present moment as a dancer and choreographer.
Jamba is the cofounder of Kizomba.CZ Dance Group and one of the main promoters of Kizomba and other Afro Latin dances in Czech Republic and Europe. He is an inspiration to semba and Kizomba dancers and never runs out of energy...

afrolatin hurricane
AfroLatin Hurricane teaches Kizomba all over the world..
In Göteborg this Jun 8-9, Liza(who placed no 7 in the world kizomba championships African Dancar in Lisbon) will be joining us to teach a 2 days boot camp designed specifically to help Beginners get the foundations of kizomba down, and help improvers and intermediates move towards advanced kizomba. And advanced dancers to focus on style and technique.

Friday party 21-0200 special guest jamba jamba DJ Suave and DJ G(100kr)
Saturday 10:30- 16:30. Kizomba and semba
Saturday Party 20:00 to 1130(then we go to xalindo) (70kr). Kizomba
Sunday 11:00-15:30

Pre-register Prices(all prices + 30% at the door ):
Saturday all day with sat party : bootcamp (or any) 655kr
Weekend classes pass : 875 Kr (with parties )
Jamba only classes: 700kr(no parties, 5 hrs over two days)
Discounts ( Volunteer and helper: contact me)
Bring a new beginner and get 150kr discount on full pass, 70kr on one day pass
Bring another leader and get same.

Pick and choose classes : each 200kr for jamba, 150kr other classes

One day pass( 655kr Saturday. 450kr Sunday ) (workshop only and saturday social)
Register via email gotkizo@gmail.com.
Bank Giro details 866-7099

Room 1:
11-12 jamba semba level II/III
12-13 ALH/Liza. Level III Advanced Kizomba
14-15 ladies styling with Liza. All levels
16-17 jamba. Kizomba level II/III
16-1630. Warm down / practice
Social practice 20-1130

Room 2
10-11 Kizomba fundamentals 1. Afrolatin hurricane (beginner bootcamp). New beginners must attend
11-12 Kizomba fundamentals Continued (beginner bootcamp)
12-13. Jamba semba level I / II (beginers welcome, part of the bootcamp but others welcome)
14-15. All levels men's styling and technique and leading Greg. All levels (part of beginner bootcamp)
15-16 Kizomba level I boot camp continued

One room
11-12 AlH with Liza. Level III advanced Kizomba
12-13 jamba advanced and intermediate advanced Kizomba
13-14 jamba semba level II and level III

14-1530 open dance floor practice

All classes at Oceanen
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