Chess Explanation Developer (REMOTE)
Chess software tells us *what* the best move is, but can it tell us *why* it's the best move?
Can it distinguish tactics from strategy?
Can it tell us why White is better in a position, or why a move is a mistake?

Yes, yes and yes!

A revolution in Chess has begun: we are making new tools that will deepen understanding, guide learning and enhance the enjoyment of our beautiful game. Join us on the projects to bring this next generation of chess technology to life.

Our work involves chess engines, analysis of player behavior and natural language generation. Sometimes we do data analysis, machine learning and statistics. We mostly code in Javascript, with some Python and C++ in places.

You will work closely with the creator of the app "Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf", and a small team of chess software experts.

- Experience making interesting software (send us an example or two!)
- Familiarity with Javascript
- Familiarity with chess software
- Enthusiasm for innovation
- Strong English language skills
- Availability during US hours

With over 40 million members, and its mobile apps represent the largest community of chess players in the world. Each day, tens of thousands of new members sign up and play on We have been fully remote for years, with over 150 team members worldwide. Learn more about us here: and
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