Addressing 'Terroristic' Abuse or Violence
We believe that 'terroristic' abuse is very real. Throughout the past years we've talked with many clients, (men, women, and children) who have been victims of brutal attacks, threats against their life, forced sex trafficking or servitude; actions nothing less than a 'terrorist' might inflict. While these types of attacks can be inflicted by any person at any time; we've found them more prominent in aggressive, dominating male genders who have endured these types of home environments themselves.

This survey is developed to collect specific information for use in research, which will aid us in addressing these types of attacks within our court systems, and providing more direct focused educational trainings about 'terroristic abuse', which will help more victims and survivors in their life skills trainings and recovery process. You are the first persons to address the topic of 'terroristic abuse'. The questions may be distressing, so please take your time and answer to the best of your ability. If you need to speak with someone or need assistance, please email: and someone will contact you.

Your information is appreciated and will be kept completely confidential. We ask that you provide us your name and email address, to ensure no robotic answers. You have the option below to provide suggestions to schools, law enforcement, recovery services and others. You also have to option to be contacted in regards to giving testimony in hopes of enforcing new legislation and protective measures in assisting/rescuing young victims.

We value your experiences and look to you for guidance in addressing the appropriate healing needs and prosecutorial measures which will focus on providing the best possible results for future generations. We are honored to have you share your experience here with us.

If you require further assistance or wish to speak to someone, you can forward an email to:
Patricia McKnight, Dana Pfeiffer, Lisa Chilton
Creators: Family Terrorist Act - Trecia's Law

Did the violence or threat include the use of weapons? *
Were you ever injured during any of these attacks, but were refused needed medical care? *
Do you suffer with any mental health or emotional difficulty as a result of your trauma *
Has any person ever used extreme violence or threats of bodily harm to force you into sexual interaction or servitude? *
Do you have any suggestions for School Systems, Healthcare Professionals, Law Enforcement to better assist persons in danger of 'terroristic abuse'?
You must provide your name and email address as confirmation of this survey *
This information is being used for research to develop protective laws and provide appropriate trauma related victims/family support services. We appreciate your input and completely respect your privacy.
Were you ever forced into sex trafficking acts by a family member? *
Do you require ongoing medical care in treatment of your illness or injury? *
If trafficked, please tell us briefly who did this and how old you were when it began and ended.
Explain in just a few sentences if your predator used threats, drugs, alcohol; how old you were when it began and ended; how often the trafficking interactions occurred?
Do you want your answers to be used in testimony for 'Family Terrorist Act' - Trecia's Law *
Have you ever received any form of recovery focused services? *
Do you still get triggered by things around you, even though the direct harm is no longer a threat? *
(i.e.- grocery store, library, clubs, parties, family gatherings)
Would you like to share a brief testimony about your experience living in 'terroristic abuse'?
Has some other person, not related, forced you into sex trafficking? *
What is the highest level of your education? *
(If you have not yet graduated high school, dropped out of high school, or prevented from attending school) please check 'OTHER'
Did your abuser or other persons use intimidation or threats to make you keep the harmful actions a secret? *
What age did the first offense of this type occur? *
Do you still feel threatened to keep silent today? *
If yes, can you explain the who, how, or why you still feel threatened
How long did these ongoing threats or violent attacks continue? *
Did the abusive person use any of the following to influence the sexual interactions? *
If parents or guardian committed the abuse how did the abuse finally end? *
Do you suffer with any ongoing physical illnesses such as those listed below? *
Please check all that apply
Did your abuser suffer from any known mental health problems? *
Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Alcoholic Rages, PTSD from war-time military service
Did your abuser have addictions with alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography or other addictive behaviors *
Please tell us if your abuser was related to you or had regular direct contact? *
If abuser did NOT live with you, please explain contact in the area marked 'other'
Do you hold steady, self sustaining employment today? *
(able to provide independent transportation, pay rent, purchase food, clothing, needed personal items, or medical care)
Was there other types of indirect harm within your home setting? *
If other, please explain type of abusive act and who committed the act
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