DLSSP 2018 Fashion Show
Are you ready to show off your moves? Your voice? To strut your stuff?!

Show us your school spirit and pride by creating a routine to perform during DLSSP '18! All clubs will go through their performance and be rated by our judges. The winning school will go home with the NYCKI Spirit Bear and an overwhelming sense of pride!!!

Members are allowed to enter in with their own solo acts or talents, however the event remains a club talent show, so the primary acts will be the club fashion routines.

A typical routine is about 2 minutes long, and 90% dancing. This is a school performance, so get everyone in your club to participate, we are looking for that team spirit to shine! The stage is a long strip on the floor that is outlined by chairs on either side, so your audience will be to your left and right; keep that in mind when planning. You can choose to walk onto the stage, or to start there, we will do a followup with all the specifics later after you've been accepted.

Also, make sure at least one of your members has a downloaded version of the song to play. We don't want to risk having no music with the poor signal at the camp.

If you have any questions, please contact Fellowship Sub-Chairs Maggie Cheuk at julemaker@gmail.com or Zak Stanke at zak.stanke@nycirclek.org.

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