Join Brenda's Book Boosters!
Do you enjoy reading books? Do you like chatting about books with friends. Do you post about your favorites, or share pics, or blog about them?

Would you enjoy...
* Seeing the newest cover before it's released to the general public?
* Getting an advance reader copy prior to release?
* Receiving free promotional items to share with others?
* Participating in Booster-only contests to win paperback books and other prizes?

If all of this appeals to you, I'd love for you to consider joining my team! I'm putting together a group of readers who will help spread the word about my upcoming new releases and who enjoy writing reviews.

If you'd like to join my team, please fill out the form below. I'll get back to you in 48 hours or less!

Brenda S. Anderson

Please note: This is not a group to join because you only want free books. I'm looking for a team of people who enjoy my work and are excited to help spread the word about my new releases, including writing reviews on Amazon (and Goodreads, B&N, personal blog, and other reviews sites if possible).

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Have you previously posted a review on a book in my Where the Heart Is series? (RISKING LOVE and CAPTURING BEAUTY) *
If you are willing to share my new releases on your blog, please put the blog URL below. All content would be provided for you to make it as easy as possible.
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If you receive an advanced copy of one of my future books, would you be willing to leave a constructive review on Amazon? *
Would you prefer to receive a mobi (Kindle) file or an epub (Nook) file of the Advance Reader Copy? (Note: I do not send out PDF files as those are easily pirated.) *
I have a private Facebook group for Brenda's Book Boosters as well as an email list. With the exception of emailing advance reader copies, the majority of my communication is currently done via FB group. Would you prefer communication via Facebook or email? *
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Thank you!
I can't thank you enough for your interest in being a Book Booster and for taking the time to fill out this form. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to contact me, you can e-mail me at

Membership to this team is at my discretion. If you are accepted and do not remain an active participant, you may be removed from the group. Thank you for your understanding!


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