NorthBay Communities Class 2020
Reclaiming Community
A Weekend Intensive 2020

Teachers: Copper, Hilary & Irisanya
Dates: January 18 - 19, 2020
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Some room available for overnight stays, first come, first served. Floor space and
backyard tenting space and some other creative options for the daring. :)

Times: Saturday 9:30a - 9pm, Sunday 9:30a - 4:30p
Cost: $90 - $240, sliding scale and scholarships available

Neighborhoods, workplaces, planning groups, covens, witchcamps, families, affinity groups, households, study groups, and more. Every day, we move in and out of varied and diverse communities which form the weft and weave of our lives. At its best, being in community is like dancing with trusted partners. We connect, feel supported, we engage and celebrate. We also, at times, walk in community feeling disempowered, frustrated, isolated, and burnt out. In these experiences, we may find ourselves leaving circles of connection, stepping out of service from a place of scarcity and unsustainable efforts.

Is another way possible? Can we learn to stay together through times of difficulty and build more resilient structures for leadership, for shared restorative practices, for reenergizing our activism and our magic and community-work?

This class is the 5th Core Reclaiming class and is focused on creating community in the Reclaiming Tradition and its ally communities.

Copper Persephone: (she/her) Feeling two homes in my bones, California and Minnesota, I currently live in Vacaville, California on land that settlers forcibly removed from deep and sustainable connection with the Patwin Band of the Wintun peoples. I have been a practicing witch: doing ritual, performance and community organizing/activist/social work with people who live in poverty for over 25 years. I walk a spiritual path devoted to erotic and ecstatic communion with spirit in all of its faces and forms and am called to helping others to experience immanence through many roads including western queer tantric practice and journey work. I have facilitated workshops in leadership, personal growth, communication, conflict resolution, sacred sexuality and mask making for many years. First teaching Reclaiming classes in 2001, and then at Witchcamps starting in 2003, I am devoted to service and organizing work. Dedicated to Freya and initiated into Reclaiming, the Honey Bees Clan and the Bear clan as well as Queer Spirit - those roots and conversations inform my daily life.

Irisanya (she/her) is a Witch, priestess, writer, teacher, drummer, moon lover, Sagittarius, and Reclaiming initiate. I live on the land of the Wappo, Southern Pomo, and Graton Rancheria. A fateful connection with a camp organizer led her to her first California Witchcamp in 2008. Since then, Irisanya has been blessed and humbled by opportunities to teach at Witchcamps in North America, Europe, and Australia. Now 20+ years (really?) into being a Witch, she is committed to facilitating community growth and connection through ritual, storytelling, drumming, and conflict resolution, embracing the beauty and complexity of being on this earth right now. She's devoted to Aphrodite and dedicated to showing up authentically and open-heartedly -- and, hopefully, with grace. You’ll often find her writing poetry, ignoring grammar rules, and making coffee. You can find her other goings-on and blurry moon pictures at

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