2020 Ambassador Application
We work with our Ambassadors in various different capacities from social awareness to fundraising! We love engaging with individuals committed to understanding multiple sclerosis, embracing and supporting our mission, raising awareness in their community, and meeting the expectations outlined for each Ambassador opportunity!

Ambassador Opportunities:

Social Media Ambassador - We're growing a digital army and we want YOU to join the virtual fun! We find immense value in the content you create online and know that YOU can fuel our mission to end MS through online awareness.

Fundraising Ambassador - Ready to take your engagement to the next level through fundraising?! Awareness is a HUGE part of our mission but we can’t help those living with MS without critical fundraising efforts. YOU can be that change! Fundraising criteria - We created different levels of fundraising engagement to encourage and recognize you for your efforts as an Ambassador! We also want to know what motivates YOU and can't wait to stay connected during your campaign efforts!

Volunteer Ambassador - As a Volunteer Ambassador, we will stay in touch with you about important volunteer opportunities that will help us make an impact in our communities! Examples of ways we engage our Volunteer Ambassadors would be things like: volunteering at our charity partner races, writing hand-written thank you's to our donors, coordinating people to attend our cheer stations at our segment finishes, making a home cooked meal for our runners, and much more!

Upon completion of this form the charity Executive Director, Ashley Schneider, will be in touch with you to connect about your next steps to build your Ambassador platform.

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