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The Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS) is a global, invite-only, private, investor-driven ecosystem supporting blockchain projects across industries and for social impact. Collectively, SVBS current members represent $1+ trillion in assets under management.

SVBS members represent a broad spectrum of experience and backgrounds which include institutional investors, corporations, government, ultra high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, developers, influencers, and blockchain enthusiasts. Unlike "meetups" or "gatherings" for well-connected or wealthy individuals, the SVBS presents an opportunity for members to participate in a self-governing, forward-thinking society with a backbone. Members align in recognizing that it is their responsibility to help shape the future of society through technology. As such, they gather around common values including integrity, transparency, civility, and close community ties to develop a sustainable, technology-fueled future. A membership in the SVBS is an opportunity to connect with a highly successful and dedicated group of critical thinkers, young and old.

The SVBS mission is three words: "Fund the Revolution."

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