Telemedicine Doctor Volunteer Form
Hi Doctor, 

Some of the top startup entrepreneurs from India came together as a group to form Project StepOne, to help India manage and solve the COVID 19 pandemic. This is a form to enrol doctors to volunteer for the telemedicine project which is much needed now in the fight against the virus.

Why we need this technology platform?
As India enters stage 3 of the pandemic, it is expected that millions of people will start experiencing Covid 19 like symptoms and would need healthcare access. However, as per government protocols, such people are only supposed to call the district health helpline, the district helplines are already or will soon not be reachable, won't be able to handle the incoming call volumes. Hence we are setting up a system which will screen and filter patients.

What will this system do?
The helpline would use TECHNOLOGY to FILTER callers with Covid-19 like symptoms and queue them as per their risk level and routed to you for triaging them. The results of the triage will be given to the government authorities to follow-up as per the set protocols.

What will I need to do?
You will need to take voice calls from patients who are screened by the automated system, talk to these patients and mark each patient as a case where the district health department should dispatch the mobile testing squad or not. (All calls will be voice calls only and your numbers would not be displayed).
Where will I need to be when I take the calls?
You can take the calls from wherever you are - you mobile network must be accessible.

Will I be given any training?
Yes, online training will be provided to all doctors after your credentials are verified.

When would I be contacted?
Once you submit the form, your details will be verified and once the verification is compete you'll be reached out. The process will take in the next 2–4 days but we are continuously working to make it faster. Please note if your details are not verifiable by us then you wont be contacted.

How much time is required?
We've many doctors who volunteer with us anywhere from 2-10 hours depending on the time, but we expect all doctors to volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours.

What do I need to do to volunteer for the effort?
Please fill the form with the requisite details and we will contact you soon. Please make sure all details - youre name, RMP no. is correct, we validate all doctors.

Would I've to provide a prescription to patients?
This helpline is only for triaging COVID 19 cases and provide the authorities with the details of possible COVID 19 cases and hence no prescription is required.

What about non covid medical issues?
The helpline's motive is to triage COVID 19 cases only, various governments are setting up helplines for non-COVID19 issues.

Will I be paid for this effort?
We are all volunteers for now and not expecting anyone to pay us - our common goal and reward will be India free from Covid 19! But be rest assured that you will be immensely thanked for your efforts.

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