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1. What do writers call the contrived and often unlikely meeting between potential love interests?
2. Made for just $5 million, what 2002 smash hit is the highest grossing Romantic Comedy of all time?
3. Flopping at the box office what 1938 classic stars Cary Grant, Catherine Hepburn and a leopard?
4. What RomCom couple has been together since 1983?
5. Name the filmmaker responsible for 'Sleepless in Seattle,' 'You've Got Mail' & ' Lucky Numbers."
6. What classic scene does Ryan Gosling's character recreate for his dates in 'Crazy Stupid Love?'
7. Whose birthday is it in '16 Candles?'
8. Films like 'American Pie,' 'Wedding Crashers,' and 'Knocked Up' earned what nickname?
9. With numerous memorable quotes to it's name, what film was famous for the line: You had me at hello.
10. Boasting post-modern & post-feminism themes what subgenre is aimed specifically at female audiences?
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