Bond Proposal Feedback Survey
Benzie Central Schools is seeking feedback and ideas regarding the recent bond proposal defeat and next steps as we work to address the district’s infrastructure issues. We appreciate your taking the time to complete this brief survey. Rest assured, all responses are anonymous.


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In what township / village / area do you reside? *
What best describes your stance in the last election (November 5th, 2019) on the Benzie Central bond proposal? *
Please check any boxes that apply to you
Which of the following do you believe contributed MOST to the defeat of the bond proposal?
When it comes to school millages, which statement best describes your beliefs?
Please indicate where you received information about the previous bond proposals (check as many as applicable)
Moving forward, I believe the school district should...
How important is it to complete the following projects?
Extremely Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not Important At All
Classroom / Instructional Space Upgrades
New Bus Garage
Infrastructure upgrades (roofs, HVAC, etc.)
New Elementary School to replace aging buildings
New Early Childhood Classrooms
Upgraded Locker Rooms / Gym Remodel
New Busses
Please add any other comments / ideas you may have...
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