R6TMs Application Form
Considering being a member of our team? Want to help others by completing tickets and responding to Questions, then look no further than this form.
Discord ID *
What is the best account to contact you on? Please note that you may be required to have your Direct Messages open, for one of our staff to contact you privately.
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FaceIt Name
If we are un-able to contact you on Discord, we will try and message you on FaceIt, you can provide us your account name for better chances of contact, however this part is not required.
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Where are you from? *
What role are you applying for? *
Please note, that selecting one role does not grant entry for that role. We may start you off as a moderator for the time, as you work towards your final role.
How Old are you? *
Our minimum age limit to become a member of our staff is 16, we just want to make sure you meet that requirement.
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Are you fluent in English? *
We require that all of our staff members speak fluent English, as you will not only be dealing with your Region.
Are there any other languages that you speak? *
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Do you have any past experience in Moderator/Admin duties for other global servers? If yes, please provide which server and what you did. *
Previous experience is always a good thing to have, so tell us about it. It can be anything from Minecraft to CS:GO, everything is experience.
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What experience do you have (Past or Present) with R6TMs? or with other PUG systems such as FaceIt? *
Have you played on FaceIt before? Got a rough idea of how everything works? Let us know
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Tell us why you believe you would make a great member of our team. *
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What would you say your availability is? *
Are you ready to go 24/7? Or maybe you attend school and are only available during certain times and days. Let us know so we can work around it. We will never request that you handle TMs over your IRL
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You arrive at a ticket and are unsure of how to proceed. What steps do you take to ensure you are able to resolve this issue? *
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A player has reported you to management for being biased during a ticket. How do you work with management to make sure everyone comes to an understanding? *
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You come to a question that you are unsure of how to answer, but the player is requesting feedback immediately, how do you respond? *
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Any additional comments?
Have we missed something that you have been wanting to tell us? Let us know below, we would love to hear it
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