MapleStory World Merge 2019 - New World #1 Name Poll
Hello Maplers!

This is a name poll for New World #1 which includes the worlds listed below:
Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Demethos

Please note that you must meet the required criteria for your vote to count towards the poll.

Thank you!
You must meet one of these two criteria below as of June 7th 1:30 AM (PDT) for your vote to count.
1. You have at least 3 characters, and one of which is Lv. 160 or above, in the affected worlds for this poll.
2. You have at least 1 character at Lv. 201 or above in the affected worlds for this poll.
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