By typing the full name of everyone in your group visiting in the answer box below you agree to this waiver for the 2020 calendar year.
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I, full name typed below, individually or as Parent and/or Guardian of the following minors: please list minors names in your answer,hereby release Mr. Drew Robertson, Mattersville (a 501-C-3 Corporation) and Mr. and Mrs. Rion Berquist from any and all liabilities of any nature whatsoever should I become injured or damaged by any animal or activity at Mattersville in Sedalia, Colorado 80135.By entering onto the premises at Mattersville, located at 11874 CO 67, Sedalia CO 80135, I hereby knowingly and voluntarily, and after having been informed of the risk inherent, I assume all risk of harm, damages, injury, and death and waive any and all rights to sue individually or in a representative capacity as a result of my assumption of all risk.I realize that the animals at Mattersville are free from any communicable diseases to humans. I also realize that the animals at the sanctuary may not be considered domestic, and that injuries could result from scratches by their claws or bites from their teeth.I have been advised about how to handle the animals at Mattersville, and I have been warned not to insert my fingers inside the chain-link enclosures, because an accidental bite could occur. I have also been warned not to corner any of the animals, and to allow the animals to approach me at their own free will. To approach and corner any Mattersville animal could result in an attack, since any canine may be DANGEROUS if cornered. I also realize that Mattersville is located on uneven and potentially dangerous terrain, and that I am to wear hiking boots or gripping shoes to avoid injury on the mountain slopes and cliffs.I do not hold Mr. Drew Robertson, Mattersville, and/or Mr. and Mrs. Rion Berquist responsible for any injury obtained while exploring the property or in or near the animal enclosures, either by stepping in a hole or other uneven terrain, tripping or getting scratched/cut on the chain link enclosure itself, or if I am knocked down by one of the Mattersville animals.The foregoing statements are not exhaustive of the information given to me about the risk of my (or above mentioned minors in my care) entering upon the property located at Mattersville, Sedalia, CO.I am visiting Mattersville to learn about wolves and wolfdogs. This includes their behavior, how to properly handle exotic animal(s), and/or volunteer my time or services. No lawsuits will be filed against Mr. Drew Robertson, Mattersville, or Mr. and Mrs. Rion Berquist for accidental injuries and/or damages. I understand that Mattersvilles’ insurance does not cover me or any minors under my care for injury or damages if I choose to interact with the animals in their enclosures. I accept all responsibility for myself and any minors under my care and hold Mattersville harmless.I understand and agree that any video or photos taken of me or later sent to Mattersville of my visit may be used for promotions or advertisements on our website, social media, or in letters/mailers and fliers. Please list all persons visiting today with you I READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND APPROVED *
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