Retail Self Assessment
Please complete all of the questions as honestly as you can. Note all questions are based on today's performance, not what you may have done in the past. Try and compare yourself to the best practise examples. The answers will generate results to help you improve areas that impact on a store's turnover. We will email the results to you.

Your answers will remain confidential. And your details will not be passed onto any third parties.

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How visible is your store to passing customers (both on foot and in vehicles)? *
Do you have a hanging sign, do you use A-boards or pavement signs, is anything restricting the visibility of your store.
Rate your window display based on the following criteria? *
Does your window have a strong theme running throughout, it is well lit, is it using layers (vinyls on glass, display and backdrop) it changes regularly (typically 4-6 weekly) is it big bold and striking for passing vehicles (if applicable) as well as pedestrians?
Rate the cleanliness of your store front? *
Is paintwork well maintained, is the store front/brickwork clean and free of damage, is glass filled with unnecessary posters and advertisements?
Rate the layout of the store? *
Is there a natural journey through the store, is there easy access to all areas within the store?
Is it easy to navigate the store for a particularly product? *
Is there signage and navigational cues for customers to find products easily.
Rate the store displays? *
Do the displays attract customers and stimulate their senses.
Rate the state of your store's presentation? *
Is the store in a good state of repair, with up to date fixtures and fittings?
Have you identified and maximised the use of display 'Hotspots'? *
Hotspots are areas of the store that are high traffic and high visibility. These should be filled with products that are high margin.
Are you currently running a promotion throughout the store? *
This would be a store wide promotion, or a significantly strong promotion on a particular range. This does not include clearance on a few items.
Do your displays encourage add-on sales. *
This includes accessories within product displays or POS to encourage bulk buy.
Do you and your staff use a range of sales skills to naturally encourage closing or add-on sales. *
This does not necessarily mean the store is a pushy environment.
Do you play music in store? *
NB: We are not interested whether you have a license to do so or not.
How do purchased products leave the store? *
Do you data capture customers name, address and email address? *
Do you contact your customers regularly *
Select your primary means of communication.
Do you have an online presence? *
This includes Google Local or Website
Do you have a 'Social Media' presence? *
This includes Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
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