For Grade K-4 Parents: Students NOT returning to P.S. 105K next school year: 2020-2021
Dear Grade K-4 Parents/Guardians,
If your child will NOT be returning to our school (P.S. 105K) next school year 2020-2021, please fill out this form and submit.

If you have any questions, please email:

Thank you.

如果您的孩子2020-2021学年不会返回105小学上学, 请您填写以下表格并发回。 如有任何问题, 请电邮:
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Student Name (Last, First) 学生姓名(姓,名) *
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Student Class (Class exponent 1-1, 2-6, etc., not room numbers) 学生班级(例如1-1, 2-6, 等, 不是房间号码) *
Where will your child be going next school year 2020-2021? (Another school, state, country, etc.? Which school, state, country, etc.?) Documentation (plane tickets) is need if your child is going out of State and Country. 您的孩子2020-2021学年会去哪里就学?(新学校的校名, 详细地址)如果孩子去外州就读, 需要提供证明文件如飞机票 *
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Parent Phone Number 您的联系电话 *
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Do you need translation if we call you? If so, what language? 如果与您电话联系, 您是否需要翻译?如果需要, 请说明是哪种语言 *
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