Volunteers Application Form | Coastline Trek | 11th of May, 2019, Liepāja
Hello, future Coastline Trek Volunteers!

Last year legendary Coastline Trek hiking events went international and took volunteering experience to the whole new level! So this year we say – shall we do this again?

Let’s open summer season together and celebrate the sixth Coastline Trek hiking event on the 11th of May in Liepaja city.

Participants of the Coastline Trek’19: Liepāja with Gjensidige will have a choice of five different length routes that lay within the white sand beaches and wild pine forests. The event will mark the beginning of Liepāja summer season, therefore get ready for a ridiculous amount of fun!

None of our events would be possible without our dedicated group of 150 VOLUNTEERS! Volunteering is a unique life experience that is rewarding for everyone without exception. The Coastline Trek Volunteer is enthusiastic, motivated, positive, always kind with a side of crazy. Are you one of our kind?

Fill out the Volunteering application form, invite your friends and meet the colorful spring together with the rhythm of Coastline Trek!

Make a difference with our Coastline Trek family!
More information about the event: www.CoastlineTrek.com, or email: volunteers@trenkturas.com.

Areas of volunteering:
1. Participants' check-in and finish - greeting participants, scanning registration confirmations (printed out or e-version) and giving out start-up packages and when participants finishing giving out diplomas, medals, and other presents;
2. Add-ons - giving out event T-shirts, pins and other attributes;
3. Rest and assistance checkpoints - mark the passports of participants as a proof that they have reached a certain distance, as well as providing services to participants (water, tea, snacks, partner gifts, medicaments, registration of the dropouts (participants who cut their walk short), delivery of diplomas and etc.)
4. First aid - primary medical assistance with minor complaints or emergency care. Important! Volunteers must be graduated/studying/working in the field of medicine;
5. Information desk - the provision of basic information, assistance to participants, unusual questions;
6. Parking - directing participants towards the parking areas while avoiding conjunctions.

Note! After completing their work in their assigned area volunteers will be asked to help in other areas designated by the coordinator, thus giving the chance for more of you to try out different areas!

We will be expecting you from Friday noon (10th of May) and will be seeing you off on Sunday afternoon (12th of May). We are promising volunteers accommodation, 3 meals a day, training and the best adventure ever! Motivational training and specific group training will take place in Liepāja on Friday (10th of May). The exact time will be announced later.

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