EverestCoin Charity Initiative Application Form
As part of our efforts to contribute to the well being of the Himalayans and Nepal - home of the magnificent Mount Everest - where we took our inspiration from, we're inviting charity organizations with footprint in Nepal, Mount Everest and the Himalaya regions to apply to our EverestCoin Charity Initiative.

A percentage of our transactions will always go towards charity initiatives and organizations that represent these regions and meet the following criteria:

1: Must be visible online especially on Twitter (and must be willing to acknowledge our partnership publicly)
2 Must have a functioning public website
3 Must have media presence
4 Show track record of supporting the sherpas or climbers or have a visible support for people around Mount Everest

If you meet these these criteria, then we're interested in contributing towards your efforts! Please, fill the forms below and one of our team members will reach out to you!
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