Community Garden Survey
The survey form below is designed to collect data on community gardens of all varieties in northwest Michigan. This data supports the map of community gardens published on the website for the Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan (MGANM).

The map displays community gardens in northwest Michigan. These are gardens that are gardened for and by members of the community. We define these gardens according to three categories: food gardens, children/school gardens, or ornamental gardens. Especially in regards to the latter category, it is not the role of this map to advertise businesses or gardens that benefit primarily private individuals or entities. We reserve all rights to determine whether a garden qualifies for display.

If you have any questions about this map, contact MSU Extension - Leelanau, (231) 256-9888.

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The plot size for the rented garden space. Example: 10x20 feet or 200 sq ft.
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Garden Photo?
Do you have any quality photographs of the garden that you could share with us to post on the map? If so, please send them to MSUE Leelanau, or provide your contact information at the top of the survey and we will get in touch with you.
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