Blackbox Cph Pitch 2020
Blackbox Cph is the oldest dedicated blackbox festival in the Nordics. Since 2011 our designers have once a year pushed and played with the limits of participatory art through the medium of blackbox larps. Now it is time again! Therefore we invite you to send us your concepts for Blackbox Cph IX!

The short and sweet of blackbox larp is that it is a genre where the aesthetic potentiality of the black box theatre is used to create short participatory experiences. If you are new to blackbox design, you might want to start by reading these guidelines:

This year, to inspire you, we present you with four challenges. Choose one or several, or do something completely different. We will prioritize original larps that haven’t been run before, but feel free to come up with any theme or focus you’d like.

> Audience involvement.
Last year we included audience involvement as a primary challenge. We would like to continue the exploration of ways blackbox larp can involve an audience in different ways. The audience should be an integral part of the design as another kind of participants than the players and add something different or extra to the larp.

> The Essentials of Blackbox: Light and Sound.
We are especially interested in larps that take full advantage of the high level technical equipment we offer at Blackbox Cph. We’ve recently gotten our hands of lots of new equipment, and we are eager for you to use it. So consider how you can include light and sound in your design from the very beginning, to create artistic and imaginary spaces that are more than just black boxes.

> SEX - sexualities and attractions
We challenge you to consider how larp can explore the dynamics of sexuality, sexual identities and attraction. Whether you focus on developing a new meta-technique to symbolize seduction or construct an alternate universe, where attraction is disconnected from gender, we’re interested in receiving your idea.

> Hopepunk, or defiance against all odds
Hopepunk is a genre of fiction that explores grim realities from the perspective of stubborn, hopeful resistance. The insistence that if we keep fighting for good, we can overcome even the worst. Perhaps a message of some relevance in the present age.

The deadline is the 20th October, 2019. You will know within 2-3 weeks if your concept has been selected. Once you’ve been selected to participate in the programme, we will help you with support and feedback throughout the process, according to your needs. During the festival, we will provide you with a blackbox theatre space with all the technical sound and lighting equipment you need, as well as help you out with scenography and props.

All you need to do is create and develop a concept for your larp and run it at the festival.

> You will have a maximum duration of 4 hours to run your larp, including workshop, breaks and debrief.
> You should allow for a minimum of 8 participants, and flexible numbers are preferred.
> We will prioritize original larps, but you are welcome to submit reruns as well.
> Blackbox IX will be held on the 17th - 19th January, 2020, at Huset in Copenhagen.
> The deadline for sending a pitch is the 20th October, 2019 at midnight, your local time.


Freja Gyldenstrøm, Nina Lund Westerdahl, and Kristoffer Thurøe,
on behalf of the Blackbox Cph IX organising team.
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