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Parent Carer Forum Devon is an organised group of parents and carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) within Devon local authority. Our aim is to make sure that services provided by education, health and care meet the needs of children with SEND and their families.We do this by gathering the views of local families and then working in partnership with local authorities, education settings, health providers and other professionals to highlight where local services, processes and commissioners are working well, or challenge when changes or improvements need to be made.Parent carers can often pinpoint problems frequently experienced by families with children with SEND. The forum can then share this information with the local authority and local health services. This knowledge is useful to professionals as they plan services to meet needs.

The information collected in this form will help us to know how you would like to be involved. This is not a commitment and you can change your mind at any time. We know that the lives of parent carers change all the time and what you can do today may be different in a few weeks time, or even tomorrow!

The following information will be stored securely in an online account by Parent Carer Forum Devon.  You can also ask for your information to be deleted at an time by emailing

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How you can get involved.
There are lots of ways that you can be involved in the forum and we are keen to provided as many ways as possible.

These are the roles we think we are likely to need but if you have other ways you would like to be involved please complete the other box with more information.

We are keen to buddy parents up on roles to ensure we have cover if anyone needs to take time off and to share the work. We will also provide training and support so you can be involved.
Member *
You will be added to a mailing list where you will receive updates and notifications of ways to have your voice heard. Would you like to join our mailing list?
Steering group/committee member *
The time commitment is around 6 meetings a year about 1.5 to 2 hours. These do not need to be face to face meetings and as a group we will decide what works for the group and that may be different for each person. The role of this group is to work as a team is to direct what happens and set priorities.  Would you be interested in finding out more or joining the steering group.
Parent Representative. *
Attend meetings on behalf of the forum to share the collective voice of families. This could be with the council, health services or other organisations. This will be as and when needed, you can decide for each meeting if this is something you are able to attend.  Would you be interested in becoming a parent representative or finding out more about it?.
Social Media *
Helping to manage the social media pages. Some examples are, responding parents who message in, sharing information and updating page with surveys. This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Would you be interested in supporting with social media or finding out more about how to get involved?
Raising awareness of the forum *
Advertising events, sharing information with other parents this could included attending support groups, leaflet distribution, attending outreach opportunities and events. This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Would you like to help raise awareness of the forum or find out more about how you can help with this?
Finance *
Managing the forum invoices and payments. Keeping records of spend and a list of items owned by the forum. This could also include grant applications and completing monitoring forms. This role will vary but based on other forums we expect 5-10 hours per month. Would you like to be involved with managing the finances of the forum or find out more about how you can help with this?
Report Writing *
Report writing – Using information from surveys and feedback to inform written reports/information for representatives at meetings. Reports will also be essential for feeding back to our families what we are doing and the results of the forum.This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Would you like to assist with report writing or find out more?
Secretary *
Secretary – Keeping notes of meetings, writing agendas and scheduling meetings. Responding to any formal letters with the support of the steering group. Time commitment will vary but will be closely connected to the steering group meetings (6 per year). Are you interested in taking on the role of secretary or would you like to know more about it?
Surveys *
Gathering the views of parent / carers across Devon is essential for the Forum to be able to feedback on the lived experience.  Would you be interested in assisting with surveys or finding out more about what we need surveys for?
Website *
The forum have a website to share information. We will need someone to help with the design and to update information and events. This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Our website is a wordpress site.  Would you like to find out more or assist with the website?
Membership management and Admin *
As the forum grows we will need someone to manage the collection and storage of members details. Support will be given by the Contact associate to help this up.We will also need people to answer emails and keep a calendar of meetings and events. This can be whatever amount of time you can give and we are keen for this to be a shared role.  Please let us know if you would like more information or can get involved with admin tasks.
Wellbeing *
This role will be about organising the team building activities and social forum gatherings e.g night out and downtime. We feel it is important for us to work closely as a team and we want to make sure that the forum is fun place to be. This will extent to the wider membership including activities like picnics in the park for example.This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Please let us know if you would like more information or can get involved with forum wellbeing.
Parent voice champion *
This role will be around phone calls or emails with parents to share experiences. We know not one method is going to work for everyone so want to provide as many ways as we can to hear from parents. This can be whatever amount of time you can give.  Please let us know if you would like more information about this or can get involved with championing the parent voice.
Something else? *
Do you have skills / expertise in something not listed above, or would you like to get involved in a different way?  Please just let us know here.
Thank you for completing this - we will be in touch soon! *
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