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There is very little data available about the utility of daily temperature and symptom screening for COVID-19. Schools have been operating since last fall with daily temperature and symptom screening apps, stations, and attestations from parents. This survey seeks to collect that data, and publicly report it anonymously. The goal is to ascertain the effectiveness of daily temperature checks in screening for COVID-19. If possible, the secondary goal is to similarly ascertain the effectiveness of daily symptom reporting in screening for COVID-19. All data provided is anonymized (cannot be traced back to you or the school). Specifics regarding school name and location are collected to demonstrate states participating in this survey.
1. School Name
2. State
3. How many students have you been screening daily for elevated temperature ?
4. What grade levels are you screening?
5. Have you also been screening adults for elevated temperature ? (Staff, Parents, Visitors)
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6. If you have been screening adults, how many daily?
7. What is the total number of school days, so far, that you have performed the temperature screening?
8. Have you detected any elevated temperatures on the daily screening ? (over 100.0F)
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9. If you have detected a temperature on the morning screening, how many times has that happened since you began?
10. Have there been any COVID positive cases in the school (students or staff) ?
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11. If there have been any covid positive cases in the school picked up by temperature screen, please specify how many.
If you would like to be notified when results have been published, please include the information below. Your personal information is not sold, traded, or given to anyone. It is used solely for this notification.
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