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“Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow
is only a vision. But today well lived makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness, and
every tomorrow a vision of hope.”
- Kalidasa

2020 Goals
- Test business idea with million dollar market potential
- Be the healthy, loving long-term partner that you desire
- Get 1,000 true fans for ASE Podcast

Q4 Goals (October - December)
- Launch minimum viable product
- Invest in a therapist
- Finish writing book on solopreneur well-being

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1. Did you treat your mind to a 5 min+ meditation? *
2. Did you treat your body to a 15 min+ sweat, workout or stretch w/ undivided attention? *
3. Did you visualize your best life to 1 song? *
4. What "most important task" did you work on related to 2020 goals? *
5. Did you do your best to connect with loved ones and/or inspiring people? *
6. Did you do your best to have fun, play, relax? *
7. Did you do your best to help someone today? Gifts and random acts of kindness are cool. *
If so, who and how?
What did you do today?
-2 = horrible day, -1 = bad day, 0 = okay, 1 = good day, 2 = fantastic day
Why did you score your day so?
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