What Do You Want in a Blog about Teaching?
Hello fellow college instructors! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. I've been blogging about teaching tips, tools, and resources for a while now and I have a lot more content that I'm excited to share. I've realized that the main audience I usually have in mind when writing my posts is graduate students who teach undergraduate courses either as part of their assistantships or when adjuncting while working on their degrees. As someone whose graduate assistantship involves teaching undergrad writing and literature courses, I have used my own experiences as inspiration when creating my posts. Now, however, I'd like to learn more about what my blog's audience would like to see me cover in future posts. And while I assume graduate teaching assistants are often the ones looking for teaching advice, I also know that other types of college instructors also tend to search for ways to improve their teaching practices. As such, I'd love to hear from anyone with experience teaching college courses or who are just about to begin doing so and would like to teaching advice, ideas, and/or resources.

We (college instructors) all have very different experiences when it comes to the teaching training we've received, the courses we teach, the students we work with, the research responsibilities and interests we have, etc. As such, I'm hoping to find patterns in the answers to this survey that will give me a better sense of what general topics, interests, and concerns we have when it comes to teaching. If you've never seen my blog and want to take a quick look before answering the questions below, here's the link: www.evereducating.com/blog. Or, you can just dive straight into the questions below. Thanks again! [This survey will likely take 5 or so minutes to complete.]

What is your current teaching situation? *
At what type of institution do you teach? *
Under what umbrella category does your teaching experience fall? [Feel free to list the exact fields via the "other" option.] *
How much training did you receive from your institution (or a prior institution) before starting to teach your courses? *
Personally, how do you value the following elements of your academic experience? *
Not pivotal
Somewhat important
Very important
Excelling in Teaching
Excelling in Research
Excelling in Service
Excelling in Coursework (if you are a grad student)
What training do you wish you'd received before you started teaching?
Your answer
What tasks do you wish you felt more confident in when it comes to teaching?
Your answer
Now that you've started teaching or have a few years of experience, what uncertainties have popped up for you that you didn't expect?
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What concerns about teaching do you tend to have semester-after-semester?
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What types of teaching-related topics do you tend to search for online?
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Do you have any favorite teaching topics you like to search for when reading blogs?
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When reading blog posts related to teaching, what is it that you want to get from reading these posts? What are your goals or purpose for reading these posts?
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If you'd like to suggest a certain topic for a future post on my blog, feel free to let me know here.
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Thanks so much for completing this survey! I really appreciate your help in improving my blog.
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