What Do You Want in a Blog or YouTube Channel about Teaching?
Hello fellow college instructors! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. I've been blogging and creating YouTube videos about teaching tips, tools, ideas, and resources for a while now and I have a lot more content that I'm excited to share. I've realized that the main audience I usually have in mind when writing my posts and creating my videos is graduate students who are new[ish] to teaching college courses and who want to gain confidence in their teaching styles and practices.

We all have very different experiences when it comes to the teaching training we've received. I'm hoping to find patterns in the answers to this survey that will give me a better sense of what general topics, interests, and concerns we have when it comes to teaching. If you've never seen my blog and want to take a quick look before answering the questions below, here's the link: www.evereducating.com/blog. If you want to check out my YouTube channel, here it is: www.youtube.com/evereducating. Or, you can just dive straight into the questions below. Thanks again!

[This survey will likely take 5 or so minutes to complete.]
What is your current teaching situation? *
At what type of institution do you teach? *
Under what umbrella category does your teaching experience fall? [Feel free to list the exact fields via the "other" option.] If you haven't taught yet, just type N/A in the "other" option. *
Personally, how do you value the following elements of your academic experience?
Not pivotal
Somewhat important
Very important
Excelling in Teaching
Excelling in Research
Excelling in Service
For the following questions, I'll use the answers to better understand what topics I should cover on my blog/YT channel in order for my content to benefit you the most. They are all optional, in case you feel some answers would be too repetitive.
What training do you wish you'd received before you started teaching?
What tasks do you wish you felt more confident in when it comes to teaching?
What concerns about teaching do you tend to have semester-after-semester?
What types of teaching-related topics do you tend to search for online? Where do you tend to go to find information on these topics?
Other than teaching advice, what other topics tied to academia would you be interested in hearing more about?
The most important question has been saved for last!!
What specific topics would you like me to cover in future blog posts or YouTube videos? If you have a preference for blog post vs. video, let me know that, too!
Thanks so much for completing this survey! I really appreciate your help in improving how I can best serve you and other audience members.
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