Kedma Lulav Sales Fall 2018
Please fill out the form below for Arba Minim (Etrog included, as well) sales. Remember to indicate your payment method below, and click the corresponding "Pay Here" at the bottom after selecting a quantity if you chose PayPal.
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$42 per lulav set by Cash or Venmo @Mikeypollack. ($44.06 for PayPal)
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I understand that by submitting this form I am committing to paying Kedma the appropriate amount ($42/44.06 per set) using the method I have indicated, and that I will not be entitled to received my Arba Minim set(s) until I have done so, and that taking a set without paying would be foolish because I would not fulfill the Mitzvah anyway. *
Remember to pay or else you can't get your set! PayPal is below, or Venmo/Cash ASAP!
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