International Call Form - Coproduction Meetings DOCSP 2018 - only for series projects
This Form is part of the application process to non- Brazilian Series Documentary Projects who wants to participate of the Coproduction Meeting of DOCSP 2018 - International Documentary Meeting of Sao Paulo

Coproduction Meetings are activities destinated to international projects who are going to be selected to participate during DOCSP 2018.

It will be selected 10 projects (between series and feature documentary project). The result will be informed by e-mail, until SEPT 23rd.

The participation of this activity will permit international projects to have meetings with representatives of the Brazilian Film Industry to understand the local environment and the possibilities to coproduce with Brazil.

One on one Meetings: exclusive meetings will be arranged between the representative of the selected project and the representatives of TV channels, festivals and market.

One to Many: Space to know the opportunity for your projects in international festivals, programs, market, and also to have some tips of how to apply your project in a Brazilian TV channel or festivals.

Coproduction Meetings: International producers will have individual meetings with Brazilian producers to share their experiences to produce in its country.

The call has no cost.
If your project is selected you should pay R$200,00 to participate.

VENUE: 2500 Oscar Freire Street - Unibes Cultural | Sao Paulo | Brazil.

The information provided in this form will be used for the web and other communication pieces.

To fill the blanks you can use the Guide located in:

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