Camp North End Special Event Application
For large scale events with crowds from 200 - 2,500 people, apply now for the Spring/Summer 2019 Season. Applications will reopen in June for Late Summer/Fall scheduling.
Event Host Information
A primary point of contact is expected to be at the event for the duration. If the primary point of contact for the event is not the contact for logistics prior to the event, please provide an additional email address.
Name of Event Host *
Email *
Phone Number *
Event Summary *
Summarize your proposed Special Event, including a description of your planned activities. If the event will experience a large number of people, require vigorous activity or be held outside during very hot or very cold weather, describe. A general run of show, if you can provide, is also useful.
Vision *
Describe how this event supports the Camp North End vision and goals.
Relevant Event Planning Experience *
Planning a special event takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, money, and organizational skill. As an event organizer, you are responsible for all aspects of the event. Our staff have extensive event planning experience, and can guide you in the right direction should you have questions, but should NOT be considered a part of your event planning staff.
Funding Sources *
Please list sponsors/amounts.
Event Details
Multiple Days? *
Date *
Start Time *
End Time *
Additional Set Up/Break Down *
Number of Attendees *
Please expalain briefly how you got to this estimate.
Ticketed? *
A/V or other electricity requirements? *
Public Safety Requirements
As per our Venue License Agreement, Camp North requires thet host to procure adequate:

# of portable restrooms
Sources for Drinking Water
Liquor License Permits
Special Event Insurance
Trash Disposal Plan
Security on staff

Planning Timeline
3 months before - Submit completed application and all supporting documents to Camp North End. Note: Events are approved with the understanding that permits will be secured in advance of the event. If liquor and/or other permits are not solidified, our team has the right to shut down an event without penalty. Approved permit documents shall be onsite during the entire event and shall be made available upon request.


1 month before -- Secure all public safety services.
3 weeks before -- Begin Promotion.
1 week before -- Confirm clean up, rental return, and trash removal schedule.

Assuming there is no damage to the property, your deposit will be returned in full following the property walk-through.

Footprint Map
Attach or provide a link to a site map showing the following:
Activity areas/tents/pop-up structures
Area where alcohol will be served
Restrooms/portable toilets
Sign plan showing publicity, directional and day-of-event signs
Music/bandstand area/speakers/sound booth
Parking areas/parking restrictions
First Aid station
Street barricades and/or closures

Failure to include the site plan will result in automatic denial of the event request. The attached map is to scale. Fixtures on the map are permanent and will not be moved for the event. Any furniture rearranged during the event should be returned to its original location.

Boileryard Map
Planters, furniture, airstream, layout has all been carefully thought out. Please consider these items permanent fixtures.
(upload festival footprint here) *
Additional Materials?
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