Client Associate Questionnaire
Required questionnaire for all candidates applying to the Adams Chetwood Wealth Management Client Assoc. position

RESOURCES: Please refer to the following websites to help you answer the questions below -

Please provide your full name, email address, and phone number below *
How do we, as a firm, measure financial success for our clients? *
What is our view on stock market downturns? *
If you had the following tasks on your to do list, how would you prioritize them? Include a brief explanation. (1) Mail document to client to update IRA beneficiary (2) Submit address change for client to the back office (3) Rebalance a client's portfolio to reduce stock and increase bonds (4) Mrs. Client called yesterday upset about a transaction on her account, and you need to call her back *
Mrs. Client has four investment accounts in her household. We want her household to have 40% in bonds. Assume we won't change the bond holdings in accounts 1 or 4 due to tax consequences. The only changes we will make are to bring account 2 up to 50% in bonds and to bring account 3 up to 55% in bonds. Will this get us to 40% bonds in the overall household? Please provide brief explanation. (Account # 1) Value = $75,234 / Current % in Bonds = 20% (Account # 2) Value = $520,355 / Current % in Bonds = 18% (Account # 3) Value = $899,336 / Current % in Bonds = 25% (Account # 4) Value = $20,392 / Current % in Bonds = 15% *
Mr. Client calls in upset because his wife just went in to the hospital for a stroke, and he needs to cancel their meeting for this afternoon. As he's talking and driving to the hospital, he mentions something about needing her Healthcare Power of Attorney document, but he can't find it anywhere. Please tell us how you would handle this situation. [Hint -] *
It's 5:15 PM, and you've been putting out fires all day. You haven't been able to finish the account opening documents for the meeting tomorrow morning with Mr. and Mrs. Client. They are ready to sign tomorrow to work with our firm. How would you handle this situation now and in the future? *
What do you do that is almost effortless from your perspective but seems like a daunting task to others? *
In what areas do people consider you the “go-to” person? *
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