11th Annual Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Symposium ~ November 7-8, 2019
Thank you for your interest in the 11th Annual Symposium Call for Abstracts! There are 3 parts to this responding to the Call:

PART I: ONLINE FORM, for both ORAL and POSTER submissions.
As primary author, complete the following online form with your contact information; co-presenter names, identified gaps in knowledge and desired outcome.

The online form is to be completed in one sitting. We recommended that you peruse the entire form, gather your information, then cut/paste into the appropriate spaces below.

In addition to completing this online form, Part II (COI form) is required for all primary authors. Available at www.NurseingResearchSym.org.

A one page abstract is to be created in Word and emailed (with Part II) to Julie Basol, Symposium Director.

In the subject line, include the words: 'Abstract Submission' and your last name. (ex. Abstract Submission, Jones)

The Planning Committee expects that each abstract submitter has obtained any necessary local institutional approval(s), e.g. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, to conduct their research study or quality improvement project.

If you have questions regarding IRB approval, contact Symposium Co-Chairs: Jessica Sherman, DNP, RN-BC at jessica.sherman@cvmc.org or Mary Hill, DNP, RN-BC, OCN at mary.hill@vtc.edu

Submissions will be acknowledged on a regular basis throughout the Call. After completing PART I online, email PARTS II and III to Julie Basol, Symposium Director at: JNB@gmavt.net.

If you have any questions regarding the Call for Abstract process, please contact Julie Basol by email or by calling 802 598-7424.

The DEADLINE for responding to the Call for Abstracts is Friday, June 28, 2019.

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Part II & Part III
PART II: Conflict of Interest (COI) Form *
In addition to completing this online form, Part II is required and available for download at: www.NursingResearchSym.org A Word document form, email Part II (and Part III, see below) to Julie Basol, Symposium Director: JNB@gmavt.net
PART III: Submitting Your Abstract: *
Abstracts must fit on one page using 12 Times Roman font with 1 inch margins all around. Use the following headings: Title, Authors, Purpose & Background; Methods; Results; Discussion/Conclusions; Identify Next Steps. When complete, email abstract to JNB@gmavt.net
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