Coleytown Learns
We are so excited to have a special Community Time in May called "Coleytown Learns!" During this Community Time, each student will get to choose an activity to attend. There will be a variety of activities offered by different teachers and parents in our community. Read the descriptions below and choose your top 3 activities for this special Community Time.
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Drawing cartoon characters with Senor Fernandez-Carol
Board games with Mrs. Flynn-Johnson
Origami with Mrs. Florio and Mrs. Vergato
Using modge podge to create personalized picture frames with Ms. Roesler & Mrs. Carothers
Making pot holders in the Makerspace with Ms. Syndercombe & Mrs. Perry
Fundamentals of Basketball with Mr. Scholz
Reader's Theater with Mrs. Metke
First Aid Basics with Nurse Pappas
Math Adventures with Mrs. Toth & Mrs. Schock
Scrapbooking with Ms. Sweeney
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