ABNORMAL Audible Audiobook Code Giveaway: UK
Quarantine sucks. Books make it better! But who has time to spend reading when there's teleconferencing and VPNs and homeschooling to be done? Well, how about an audiobook? To help out those who are struggling to maintain their sanity in this trying time, I'm giving away ten Audible codes for UK residents to get ABNORMAL! (Must be 18 years or older.) **This is a partially unedited file, as Amazon is too busy filling orders for essentials to be able to upload the edited file! As such, Chapter 12 contains a "blooper reel" of Chapter 13 before the actual Chapter 13 starts! Still, I'm not going to let that stop me from giving readers this opportunity! Consider it a "sneak peek" ;) **
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ABNORMAL Audible Audiobook
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