11-day survey (dadAWESOME daily texting)
Thanks for being willing to test out this new dadAWESOME Daily Texting experiment :)

Here's your first 5-minute survey and I'm really THANKFUL for you taking time to complete this form.

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What's your first impression? Initial thoughts on these first 11 morning messages from dadAWESOME?
What are your thoughts on the 7am time of the day messages are sent out?
Other thoughts on the time of the day?
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Daily? Is every day the right frequency?
Below are some of the text messages that have been sent out >> please check the most helpful messages (feel free to check as many as you found highly helpful)
What's your feedback on the content of the messages?
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What do you LOVE about this new dadAWESOME Daily Text initiative?
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How would you challenge me? What is missing? What is confusing? What will keep this from being a helpful tool for dads? What needs to be fixed?
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Are you interested in Joining the dadAWESOME Volunteer Team to make this daily text initiative happen? (select the roles that you might be interested in)
THANK YOU for the feedback - awesomely helpful - click "submit" please
thanks a ton!!
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