Sing Your Song: Sep 29 - Nov 24, 2020
Thanks for your interest in Sing Your Song: A Class for LGBTQIA+ People & Allies.


We will meet online 6 - 8 pm pacific time on Tuesdays, September 29th - November 24th, 2020.

You can find full details on the class here:


To reserve your spot, fill out the form below and submit your deposit.


If you have any questions, you can contact me at I look forward to singing with you!

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This class is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, intersex, and asexual people and our straight, cisgender allies. How do you identify? *
Please note that this class takes place 6 - 8 pm Pacific Time (US). Where are you geographically and what time zone are you in? *
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Are you taking this class to work on singing & playing together, or singing with backing tracks/karaoke? If you'll be singing & playing, what instrument(s) do you plan to play? *
This class encourages a full-body awareness while making music, and some of the exercises are physical. What physical limits and/or access needs would you like me to know about (disabilities, injuries, etc)?
We will meet 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, and 11/24. Please note that November 3rd is Election Day. We'll have an informal recital on November 24th. I ask that you do your best to miss no more than two classes. What dates do you know you will have to miss, if any? *
The class fee is on a sliding scale. In order to cover my costs and pay myself a living wage, I need most participants to choose to pay at the $350 level or above. Please select your rate for this class according to an honest assesment of your financial situation: *
A 50% deposit is due now to hold your spot in the class. The remaining 50% is due by our first class on September 29th. How will you pay your deposit? *
If you withdraw from the class by September 28th, you will receive a refund. If you withdraw after September 28th, you will be held responsible for paying your full class fee. *
Do you have any questions for me?
Thank you for registering for Sing Your Song! To complete your registration, please send your deposit now and I will confirm your spot in the class. I look forward to singing with you!
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