I currently study Computer Science and as part of my studies at Milton Keynes College, I am collecting primary research to analyse how efficiently Mission Robots can explore the Planet Mars provided with particular instruments and what its evolution has been. For this questionnaire the answers can be opinion based, however, knowledge in this field is necessary to participate. The data gathered will be used in a report that I am writing as part of my studies. Your views will remain anonymous but will be used as part of my results which will be shared with my lecturer.
1. Do you know what a Rover Robot is?
2. Have you ever watched at least one video recording that has been sent to Earth of a robot completing its Mission?
3. Are you satisfied with the quality of the image of the videos being transmitted to Earth?
4. Do you think that the instruments Mission Robots use could still be improved in order to explore the Planet in even better detail?
5. What have been the latest Rover Robot advancements in terms of exploring The Red Planet sample materials?
6. How efficient do you think ChemCam is? (From 1 being the least efficient to 5 being very efficient)
7. What could be improved in ChemCam to benefit the work of Rover Robot?
8. From the updates you have seen on the news and other sources, how efficiently do you think technology allows Robots to explore the Red Planet in relation to the information that has been discovered and shared socially so far?
9. In your opinion, do Rover Robots meet the expectations of scientists?
10. In your best knowledge, how likely do you think will the overall instruments be improved to finally answer the question of life existence in Mars?
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