JECI-MIEC Digital Workshop
Dear friends,

In a few days we will meet online to think about the next four years of our Movements and JECI-MIEC, to discuss what should we focus on and which should be our goals.

Are you ready to represent your organization and to bring many inputs?

Profile of the participants:
- young people (students), active members of their National Organizations;
- 16-30 years old;
- able to work in English;
- motivated to participate actively in the meeting;
- have the willingness to transmit their experience and the outcomes of the Study Session to their National Organizations;
- able to participate for the whole duration of the activity.
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What is your experience at European and International level (in JECI-MIEC and out of it)? *
What do you expect from this Workshop? *
What is your motivation to take part in this activity and how you see your contribution? *
From the suggested thematics, in which three would you prefer to work? (Please write them in order of preference. In a group is filled we will place you in the next group of preference.)
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