Culture Survey
This is a survey of parents/guardians designed to help us understand where we are as a school community. It will be used to drive conversations and actions to assist in the involvement of the parents and families of our students.
Do you feel welcome at Kenwood?
What is the primary language spoken at home?
What ethnic race does your student identify with? These are based on Federal Guidelines.
Can you communicate with staff easily?
Is your student excited about coming to school?
My child feels safe at school.
Is the Kenwood school community accepting of your family's culture and traditions?
The school community has high expectations for all students.
Which events are you most likely to attend?
When are you typically available to visit the school or school attend events?
Do you have any suggestions that would help us make our school and/or events more welcoming?
Your answer
If you selected 'sometimes' or 'unsure' to any of the questions listed above, please use this space to explain why. We value your input and feedback.
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Will you consider being part of our Volunteer Staff? If so, please put your name and contact information below.
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