What are permits for? A permit helps assures a safe and proper installation in accordance with the minimum standards set forth in the applicable Michigan code. When a permit is issued, an inspector registered with the State of Michigan will come out and inspect the installation to see if it meets the applicable code requirements.

Are mechanical permits required? Yes, Michigan law and rules requires mechanical permits, except for replacement of minor parts, mechanical work shall not be started until a permit for such work has been issued by the appropriate enforcing agency. Any person performing work that requires a permit must obtain a permit for work they are performing before starting the work.

What is the RAP program? Report All Permits is a MIACCA program designed to help jurisdictions make sure proper permits are obtained so the safety inspections can be done. This form will be forwarded by MIACCA to the enforcing agency having jurisdiction.

All RAP forms will be promptly forwarded to the enforcement agency having jurisdiction by MIACCA without identifying who brought this to MIACCA’s attention. All identities held in strict confidence.

If you suspect that work is being done without the proper permit being pulled, please complete the following. (please fill out as much as possible to expedite processing)

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