"Can Sustainability Be Truly Quantified and Measured?" Online Talk Registration
As sustainability begins to enter mainstream corporate reporting, more and more stakeholders are demanding greater transparency in the information disclosed. Quantifying environmental data can be difficult especially when it comes to evaluating the environmental impact of a product, material, or process. Greater attention is now paid to the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, using the EPD's Product Category Rules (PCR) as an important guidance tool.

This session brought to you by the newly established EPD Southeast Asia (https://www.epd-southeastasia.com/), the hub of The global network of the International EPD® System (https://www.environdec.com/).

EPD Southeast Asia’s office is located in Jakarta and offers its services in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The hub is responsible for marketing and sales activities to manufacturer who are located in these countries and want to publish their EPDs with The International EPD® System.

EPD Southeast Asia is operated by PT Program EPD Asia Tenggara, an independent company that was established to accommodate the increased environmental awareness and the growing interest of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) applications in the region. EPD International AB is confident that this solution is a warrant for both independent and competitive EPD services being offered to these promising markets.

Please register below to participate in the Webinar that will be held on:

Date: August 28th, 2020
Time: 2 PM Jakarta Time (UTC+7)
Webinar invitation will be sent to those who have registered

- Sebastiaan Stiller (Business Director at EPD International AB)

- Dr. Jessica Hanafi (Technical Expert on Life Cycle Assessment)

- Moderator: Junice Yeo (Deputy Managing Director at Eco-Business)

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