Nomie 2020 Survey
👋 Hello my friends! Congratulations on making it this far in the craziest year - since Nomie is private I don't really have any way of knowing what's going on... This survey helps me figure out what's important and what's not.
Which version of Nomie are you currently using?
Version 1
Version 5
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Which versions of Nomie have you used in the Past?
How long have you used Nomie?
How often do you use Nomie?
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How many Trackers do you have?
Do you use Nomie on multiple devices?
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Where do you have Nomie installed?
Which storage option do you use? (Local only if unsure)
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How important is privacy (in general) to you?
Not Important
Very Important
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Which current features are most important to you?
What do you Track?
Any feature requests?
How has Nomie Helped you?
Can I use your "how has Nomie helped" in social posts?
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Any other feedback? Suggestions? Complains?
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