Arc review team- Dora Blume
This year I'll be releasing a number of books. I'm looking to add reviewers to my ARC team and make things more efficient by having everyone in the one place.

What does this involve? (Note: Please read the following points carefully, you'll be asked whether you accept these terms in the form below)

- You'll be added to a special mailing list for ARC Team members only - you won't receive any newsletters or promos or anything else to this list, only ARCs when they become available.

- Reviews will need to be posted within 14 days of the book’s release, and I'll do my best to get the ARCs to you at least two to three weeks prior to release so you have plenty of time to read it.

- You won''t be required to review EVERY book you're sent - I understand that not every book appeals to every reader and that people are limited in the time they can spend reading - but I think a 50% review rate is fair, and if by the end of the year it turns out you have reviewed less than half the books sent to you, you'll be removed from the list.

- You must leave an HONEST review - you will absolutely NOT be removed from the list for leaving a bad review if you don't like one of my books; expressing honest opinions is what the review system is all about, after all. If, however, it turns out you don't like ANY of the books sent to you, you might be politely asked to leave as this is obviously not the ARC Team for you.

- ARC Team members are not allowed to share, distribute or pirate copies of the books I send them - anyone found to be doing this will be removed from the list and no longer have access to ARCs.

I am accepting members from all over the world, but if you're in the US or have a US Amazon account your membership is VERY MUCH appreciated.

Thank you in advance for being part of my team. I hope you enjoy my books.

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