2018 McGill Farmers' Market Vendor Interest Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in selling your product/service at the McGill Farmers' Market in the 2018 season. The McGill Farmers' Market runs two sessions per season: A Summer market (July 12-August 30) and a Fall market (September 6-October 25). Market day is once a week on Thursday from 10AM-5PM. The market is held on McTavish St., inside the McGill campus.

We provide vendors with an organized and friendly space (as well as equipment, parking, access to water, and electricity) to sell their goods/services, enjoy the company of other sustainability-oriented people, and tell students, faculty, and staff all about the great work they do.

For more information about the market, visit our website: http://mcgillfarmersmarket.com/ and like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcgillfarmersmarket

Note: We will be responding to vendor interest forms on a rolling basis up until late June (for the Summer market) and up until mid-August (for the Fall market). There are no hard deadlines.

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How does your product/service demonstrate sustainability? By "sustainability," we are not only referring to organic certification or 100% local sourcing. Although these things are great, we know that sustainability can be shown in many ways (socially, economically, environmentally, etc.)
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Have you participated in a farmers' market before?
The McGill Farmers' Market holds a Summer market session (July 12 – August 30) and a Fall market session (September 6 – October 25). Which of these sessions are you interested in?
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Thank you for your interest!
We will get back to you ASAP. Depending on the space we have, we will be setting up short interviews with potential vendors as they reach out to us!
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