Medic Mentality (mentors)
Medic Mentality is a nonprofit organisation which aims to support students in their medical school applications. All of our services are FREE but are exclusively for students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. This is a short questionnaire to get to know our potential mentors a bit better. Please answer the questions as best as you can. Thank you!
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What is your mobile number? (We will need this so that we can add you to the Team Group Chat) *
Which A Level subjects did you take? *
What were your A Level grades? *
What did you get in your GCSEs? (Please specify your grades for Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics). For example - 5A*s and 5As. A*s in all the Sciences and As in Maths and English. *
Which medical schools did you apply to? *
Which medical schools did you get interviews from? *
Which medical schools did you get offers from? *
Are you a medical student or a doctor? *
If you are a medical student, what year of medical school are you in (or about to go in to)
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If you are a doctor, what year of training are you in?
Which medical school do/did you attend? *
Did you take the UCAT? *
Did you take the BMAT? *
If you took the UCAT, what were your scores?
If you took the BMAT, what were your scores?
Why would you like to mentor with Medic Mentality? *
Have you got any experience that will equip you in this mentorship role? (e.g. "I was a GCSE tutor while studying at Sixth Form). If so, state your experience/s.
Which area/s do you believe you were strongest in when going through the medical school application process?
Would you prefer taking on a short-term mentorship role, or a long-term mentorship role?* *
*Note: Short-term mentorship refers to mentorship for a specific service. For example, just for our personal statement review service. Long-term mentorship refers to mentorship for the duration of a mentee’s medical school application process. The benefit of this service is continuation and it enables you to build a professional relationship with your mentee. You, as a mentor, will also be expected to check up on your mentee on a regular basis, academically and well-being-wise. As you will know, the medical school application process is extremely stressful. Sometimes, having someone who has gone through the process to speak to might be enough to bring about encouragement. All in all, your choice should depend on your availability and commitment to Medic Mentality.
What is the limit to the number of mentees you can take on at a time? *
Beyond being a mentor, would you like to take on any other roles? *
If you answered ‘yes’ to the previous question, which roles would be of interest to you? (Please note, you can select more than one)
Thank you for taking your time to fill out this questionnaire. We will be in contact with you shortly. We set a time frame of 1-2 weeks, but we hope to get back to you sooner. All the best!
If you have any other queries, please direct them to our email address ( or send us a direct message on Instagram @medicmentality or on Twitter @medicmentality.
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