The Connected Neighbourhood Project
A network of organizations and individuals who strive to enhance neighbourhood relationships and connections. Such as:
West Vancouver Foundation
Newcomers Group

The idea for this project emerged in response to a recent survey conducted in West Vancouver where the feeling of “Isolation“ and “social exclusion” were observed as the most prominent concerns for many people living in our community.

The sense of connectedness and belonging is a natural desire of the human heart. Moved by this desire, the West Vancouver Baha’i community is proposing to partner with individuals and like-minded organizations to encourage interaction and activities in as many neighbourhoods as possible.

To foster communication within neighbourhoods. To encourage understanding and cooperation specific to the needs of individual neighbourhoods. The project team is tasked with providing the impetus for developing this communication, then stepping back to allow each neighbourhood to self govern, while supporting the endeavour.

All neighbourhoods in West Vancouver.

The following guidance offers key elements that are fundamental for the creation of vibrant neighbourhoods and a sense of belonging by all.

• Reaching out to the widest cross section of society: not limited by any cultural, economic, or educational expectations
• Enhancing the sense of belonging in the community
• Creating a spirit of friendship and inclusiveness
• Fostering physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
• Determining the needs of the neighbourhood through consultation with the participants
• Awakening the spirit of service within the individuals

As required to raise awareness, reach out and encourage participation in neighbourhoods.

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