Are You Smarter than an Eighth Grader?
Below is a selection of problems from PARCC, ISAT (previously used to assess student growth), and ACT (previously used for entrance into colleges). You will have about 1 and a half minutes per question then about 30 seconds each question to check over your work. You may use scratch paper, and you are allowed to use calculators to answer the following questions.
Question 1: Which of the following is equivalent to the expression shown: 4x - 5 - 2x - 3?
1 point
Question 2: Use the information provided to answer Part A through Part C for this question.
1 point
Captionless Image
Part B: Show or explain how you found your answer to Part A. Enter your work or your explanation in the space provided.
Part C: Write a new expression that always has a greater value than both of these expressions.
Question 3: Which of the following is equivalent to 3a + 4b – (–6a – 3b) ?
1 point
Which question is a PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) question?
1 point
What question is an ACT (American College Test) question?
1 point
What question is an ISAT (Illinois Standards Achievement Test) question?
1 point
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