Gen7 Youth Ambassador Application
September-December 2019 Application Cycle
Ages: 15 and up

By filling out this application you are acknowledging that there is a two-year minimum commitment and that you will make every effort possible to participate in all Gen7 activities and to remain actively engaged in Gen7 initiatives between our face to face gatherings.

Planned Activities in 2019/2020 (other activities may be made available and are optional if you are unable to attend):

-- Youth Leadership Summit 2019: October 16-23, 2019
-- Pine Ridge Gathering: November 23-27, 2019
-- Spring Reservation Expedition: June dates tbd, 2020
-- Youth Leadership Summit 2020: October dates tbd
-- Pine Ridge Gathering: November dates tbd, 2020

Tribal members are free. There is a $500 fee for Youth Ambassadors with no additional expenses assessed for food, transportation, lodging, etc. We don't want cost to interfere with anyone who wishes to apply- if this is the case, please email for a scholarship application.
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