Gen7 Youth Leadership Application
February - May 2020 Application Cycle
Ages: 16 and up
For more information and upcoming events visit:

By filling out this application you are acknowledging that you discussed membership with a current Ambassador/s, that you are aligned with Gen7 and Tipi Raiser's Mission and that you will make every effort possible to participate in all open Gen7 activities and to remain actively engaged in Gen7 initiatives between our face to face gatherings. All new applicants who are accepted into Gen7 first come on as Allies and may advance to Ambassador by attending as many events as possible and participating in meaningful and authentic ways. Doing a project will also help Allies to advance to an Ambassador. Projects are to be discussed with leadership first.See our 2020 calendar below before proceeding to the application.

Fees: Tribal members are free. There is a $500 fee for non-Native Youth Ambassadors with no additional expenses assessed for food, transportation, lodging, etc. We do not want cost to interfere with anyone who wishes to apply- if this is the case, please email for a scholarship application.
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