European Copyright Roundtable: How to Implement Article 17 DSMD?
In April 2019, the EU legislator adopted the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSMD). The long and heated political debate resulted in very complex legal drafting. The adopted provisions now have to be transposed by the EU Member States.

This European Copyright round-table is intended to be an open legal forum organized by academics without industry funding. Its goal is to have academics, complemented by industry representatives, on all sides of the spectrum of opinions, debating potential ways how to implement the provisions of the Directive at the national level. The hope is that it will inform and improve the implementation stage through a European voice. If the pilot round-table is successful, more events might be organized in a similar format by the same or different organizers concerning remaining provisions of the Directive.

The pilot round-table on June 13th will focus on Article 17 (ex-13) DSMD which regulates online content sharing service providers. Academics and industry representatives will discuss interpretations and possible implementations of Article 17 DSMD and its various components. The event is structured into four panels: (a) General issues; (b) Licensing issues; (c) Preventive obligations; (d) Over-removal of the legitimate content.

The pilot event is organized and funded by Tilburg Law School (Martin Husovec) and CREATe, University of Glasgow (Martin Kretschmer). Further support is provided by the European University Institute, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and the Intellectual Property Law SIG of the European Law Institute.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr. Giacarlo Frosio (University of Strasbourg)
Dr. Martin Husovec (Tilburg University)
Prof. Martin Kretschmer (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Thomas Margoni (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Valentina Moscon (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)
Prof. Jan Nordemann (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
Prof. Miquel Peguera (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
Prof. Giovanni Sartor (European University Institute)
(more soon)

Lodovico Benvenuti (IFPI)
Cedric Manara (Google)
Frederico Oliveira Da Silva (BEUC)
Carola Streul (European Visual Artists)
(more soon)

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