AARPCV 2018 Feedback Survey
Thanks for being a part of our Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (AARPCV) community this year. We would love for you to provide your feedback about our service and organization goals this year. Please share your feedback below:
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How are you connected to AARPCV Community?
AARPCV was able to meet the following goals in 2018:
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Facilitate community among RPCVs in the Atlanta area
Promote public awareness and support of the Peace Corps
Develop a network to help RPCVs become involved with community groups needing volunteer support
Act as a resource for newly returned RPCVs
Share and disseminate information about developing countries
Inform the Atlanta community of the skills and resources of RPCVs
Thinking about the AARPCV goals, which goal(s) did we exceed? What did we do well?
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Thinking about the AARPCV goals, which goal(s) were not met? What didn't we do well?
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In which area(s) can AARPCV improve our efforts?
Based on your response to the previous question, please give us suggestions for our biggest area of improvement.
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Do you have any other questions, concerns, or comments that you want to share?
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